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Fostering indigenous ties, integrating indigenization, and advancing sustainability


Mount Royal University


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Mount Royal University (MRU) has at the core of its institutional mission the rectification of historically unfulfilled commitments and fostering of stronger relationships between indigenous and non-indigenous communities. MRU's Indigenization Plan is integrated across the levels of senior leadership, pedagogy/curriculum, and student affairs. The Office of Indigenization and Decolonization, alongside the Iniskim Centre, actively develop programs and services aimed at enhancing the involvement of indigenous students. Other initiatives such as traditional thinkers' circles provide students access to Indigenous knowledge holders, traditional thinking capacity building and alternative cultural perspectives within their education. Furthermore, integral to Mount Royal University’s research and academic objectives is the support and promotion of collaborative, multidisciplinary, and interdisciplinary work in environmental sustainability. This work, facilitated by the Institute for Environmental Sustainability, spans three key pillars: research and scholarship, learning, and community engagement.


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