Universitat Politècnica de València

Sustainability training for the entire university community, supported by a Vice-Rectorate for Sustainable Development


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The Universitat Politècnica de València is engaged in a multi-pronged plan to engage the entire campus and community in the sustainability transition. They began integrating SDGs into all university policies in 2015, and have developed SDG training for all research, teaching, administrative and staff. The SDG training, developed and led by the Center for Development Cooperation, targeted research and teaching staff in a first phase via the Institute of Education, and in a second phase, the entire university community via a massive open online course covering the SDGs as they concern the university community. In a third phase, administrative and service staff were coached on the integration of the SDGs into their workplace. All students take a compulsory course on SDGs. The University takes an embedded governance approach for the sustainable development of the campus, via the establishment of a Vice-Rectorate for Sustainable Development of the Campus. They are in charge of planning and execution of all campus infrastructure, the realization of a medium-term goal of carbon-neutrality (2030), and the associated policies and action plans concerning biodiversity, energy, mobility, waste and community engagement.


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