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The University of Ghent takes a whole-institute approach to sustainability, through a variety of pedagogical, research and societal engagement initiatives They have implemented a university-wide elective course on Sustainable Development, and have mandated the inclusion of a sustainability component in all educational activities. They also have a strong sustainability assessment process for various operational systems, such as, energy systems, development cooperation projects, and several bottom-up initiatives. Their 2020 sustainability report includes various explicit goals, many of which have already been achieved, such as embedding sustainability projects within the university’s policy and structure, integration of sustainability within the curriculum, implementation of a sustainability summer school, valorizing societally-embedded sustainability research, all-vegan days, fair trade food in canteens and the development of psychosocial well-being policies for the university community. Ghent also operatives the Ghent University Museum, which has engaged in innovative ways of engaging the public in sustainability issues. For example, the ‘Museum of Doubt’ project challenged visitors in critical thinking around climate change and the scientific process.


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