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The Institute for Sustainability and Resilience (ISR) at the University of Hawai’i Manoa acts as the hub for campus-wide leadership and coordination of interdisciplinary education, research, and outreach related to climate change, environmental sustainability, and community resilience in Hawaiʻi and abroad. The ISR partnered with The Pledge to Our Keiki, which is a commitment to respect and care for the island, so that future generations can continue to live and prosper on Hawai’i. This pledge is strongly based on indigenous values and principles of relationality in living in communion with the natural world. The ISR’s mission is to equip students to meet complex environmental challenges of sustainability as well as build capacity for external decision-makers and local communities to understand solutions-oriented approaches to the climate crisis. As part of their educational approach, the ISR has inventoried and ‘cross-listed’ sustainability-relevant courses from all faculties, resulting in a flexible, interdisciplinary Sustainability Curriculum that students can follow. Research projects coordinated by the ISR are highly place-based, concerning the impact of climate change, climate policies and sustainability on Hawai’i.


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