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The University of Murcia has a partnership with the Ministry of Environment, Rural, and Marine Environment, for monitoring sustainability in the Murcia region, in southern Spain. Together, they have established the Observatory for Sustainability in Murcia region (OSERM), an institute that carries out research, monitoring, and reporting on progress and challenges for sustainability in Murcia, by means of a set of sustainability indicators updated annually. Social, economic and institutional dimensions of sustainability are also considered. Murcia has also organized the initiative “ODSesiones”, a play on words based on the Spanish words for SDGs (ODSs) and obsessions, with the intention of making people obsessed with SDGs. Between 2019 and 2022, a goal was set to educate and take action on one SDG per month, bringing together university and community stakeholders via hundreds of activities and events, which reached over 13,000 individuals. They aimed to increase knowledge around the SDGs amongst the entire university community, as well as facilitate regional development and social impact in the Murcia region. Example activities during different SDG months included cooking classes to address food-waste literacy (SDG 2); or free eye and general health screening for the community offered by the university (SDG 3). At the end of each SDG month, a “2030 classroom” was held, where students and professors assembled to discuss the ways in which the SDG could be incorporated into their degree.


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