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The University of the Basque Country has adopted a holistic approach to sustainability (the EHU Agenda 2030), based on their own reflexive empirical inquiry into what other comparable universities are doing to achieve the SDGs and holistic sustainability transformations. This led to the establishment of university-relevant and specific indicators and key targets for sustainability activity. Their sustainability plan describes their approach to contributing to 12 of the SDGs, along with the 3 broad themes they are targeting (equality on campus, inclusive campus, and planet-friendly campus). They have also aligned their educational model with the principles of Education for Sustainable Development. Within this mandate, they initiated the Basque Centre for Climate Change, which is intended to strategically foster co-production of knowledge relevant to decision making, integrating the environmental, socioeconomic, and ethical dimensions of climate change. The Centre operates research projects and education activities in cross-cutting themes of Climate Basis, Low Carbon Society, Terrestrial Ecosystems, an Adaptation Lab and Modelling of Coupled Systems. They also prioritize the development of explicit methodologies, tools and capacity building activities to facilitate science to policy translation.


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