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The University of Vigo, Spain, is home to the Post-growth Innovation lab. The lab constitutes an international, interdisciplinary group with a common interest in speeding and enabling a sustainable, inclusive, and fair ecological transition, away from the current global model of growth and extraction. The Post-growth Innovation Lab’s mission is to democratize science, technology, and innovation structures. By focusing on degrowth, they operate in a transdisciplinary space at the intersection of policy and research fields. Their lines of research include: politics of innovation, responsible innovation, grassroots movements, post-growth and degrowth, and cooperativism and social economy. Specific projects include “Prospera”, which seeks to understand ways to untangle innovation from growth and imagine a post-growth era; JUST2CE, concerning just transitions to a circular economy; ExPliCit, a project exploring plausible circular futures; and Postgrowth SA, a citizen science project facilitating the co-creation of the city of the future, an ecological and sustainability city designed for communal living and enjoyment. At the level of the University, Vigo is strongly committed to it’s “Third Mission” in social responsibility and pursuit of the SDGs.


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