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Yale University has implemented a whole-institute approach to sustainability, a hallmark of which is their ‘Planetary Solutions Project”, which implements climate and biodiversity work across the entire university. This is outlined in their Sustainability Plan 2025, which comprises specific action plans for 12 areas of university operation across 9 key themes, including Empowerment, Environmental Stewardship and the Built Environment. The plan is carried out by the Office of Sustainability, established in 2005, which represents cross-university and societal partnerships. The Office is overseen by the Sustainability Advisory Council, comprised of the highest level of institutional governance, student representatives and alumni. The Sustainability Plan 2025 is also overseen by the Implementation Steering Committee, which connects campus operations with educational and research activities. Other specific projects explore how education at Yale connects to the SDGs, as well as investigating the role of academia in advancing the SDGs.


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