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Al-Quds Open University has pioneered a distance and e-learning approach in a challenging region. The University's Media Production Center established a sattelite learning channel - Al-Quds Educational TV- which freely broadcasts both lectures and society-wide educational content, so that learning materal can be made available to students and citizens across Palestine, in both the West Bank and Gaza. The university is the owner of the largest intranet and internet networks in Palestine. Their mission is to be a unviersity fostering sustainable human development and accessible education to people within Palestine and across the Arab world. In both 2021 and 2023, the Al-Quds hub in Gaza was bombed and used as Israeli military barracks as a result of Israel's occupation and assault on Gaza. As of early 2024, the Israeli occupation of Gaza was ruled by the International Court of Justice as plausibly genocidal, in a conflict that has lead to the death of over 30,000 Palestinians in Gaza, and the displacement of 2 million individuals, according to official UN data. Access to basic cellular and internet services has been wiped out due to Israeli air strikes, severely comprimising or prohibiting access to education or communication. All universities and schools in Gaza have been destroyed in what is described as 'educide'.


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