Indian Institute for Human Settlements

Interdisciplinary and experiential education for urban sustainability in India


Indian Institute for Human Settlements





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The Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS) is a newly formed institute, still in development, who's central mission is the study of urbanisation and the sustainable development challenges it brings. The institue puts blended teaching and learning at its core, with multiple practical practice areas built into all studies, as well as a live-in, full-time interdisciplinary program, the Urban Fellows Program. Five interdisciplinary schools have been formed, which intends to break with the practice of disciplinarity; the schools of Systems and Infrastructure, Environment and Sustainability, Governance, Human Development and Economic Development. The institute plans to eventually span multiple campuses and include remote-learning students across India. IIHS also offers an executive training and capacity building program for individuals active in public, private and civil society- the Urban Practitioner's Program.


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