University of Applied and Environmental Sciences

Regional leader in action for the SDGs and whole-instutitional implementation of sutsainability


University of Applied and Environmental Sciences


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The University of Applied and Environmental Sciences (Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas y Ambientales), Colombia has at its core mission a commitment to social and environmental responsibility at the service of sustainable human development. The university has embedded the SDGs into all university operations as a part of their sustainability initiative. They are a leader of several university networks and associations in Latin America and the Caribbean, such as RCFA, AUALCPI, IOHE, ARIUSA, and OSES-ALC (the Observatory of Sustainable Development in Latin America). They have a strong environmental policy, and general guidelines supporting the operation of different administrative units specializing in environmental and sustainability issues. They are currently operating on their 2030 agenda, where they have committed to fulfilling the SDGs, with a focus on sustainable human development, supported by an SDG awareness programme. They also embed sustainability and environmental issues in the core training, research, and social functions of the institution. They have a systematic, permanent effort to train professionals and postgraduates in the social and environmental values, knowledge, and skills required to contribute to sustainable human development; this is supported by an initiative of “environmentalizing” the curriculum. This involved the development and implementation of a Comprehensive Plan for the Incorporation of Environmental Knowledge, leading to a reorientation of the entire curriculum of the university around sustainability and environmentalism. They offer a Doctoral program in Sustainability Science, focusing on inter- and trans-disciplinarity research and


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