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The University of Campinas in the state of Sao Paolo, Brazil, is experimenting with innovative living labs approaches in collaboration with local utility companies, to teach and experiment with sustainable energy supply. The living lab is divided into multiple sub-projects that students can learn and work in, including solar-powered installations distributed across 18 plants; an Electric Mobility recharge facility and an electric bus; an innovative IoT-based energy management tool; and training in Distributed Generation (DG), Smart Grid and Energy Efficiency approaches. The subprojects empower and engage the living lab participants in energy management, measurement and verification, photovoltaic energy generation, electric mobility and sustainability in energy consumption at the university. Campinas is also in the process of implementing the International Hub for Sustainable Development, a model district in the city of Campinas, whose mission is to contribute to the process of sustainable development via a variety of pillars such as improved urban physical-spatial design and enhanced biodiversity and ecosystems services.


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